Accent (phonetics)

 When the full Accent falls on a Vowel

that vowel should have a long sound, as in vo'cal; but when it, falls on or after a consonant, the preceding vowel has a short sound, as in hab'it

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 A Word may have more than One Accent. 

Take as an instance aspiration. In uttering this word we give a marked emphasis of the voice upon the first and third syllables, and therefore those syllables are said to be accented. The first of these accents is less distinguishable than the second, upon which we dwell longer, therefore the second accent in point of order is called the primary, or chief accent of the word. 

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 Meaning varied by Accentuation.

A list of nearly all the words that are liable to this variation is given in the following page. It will be noticed that those in the first column, having the accent on the first syllable, are mostly nouns; and that those in the second column, which have the accent on the second and final syllable, are mostly verbs:

noun verb noun verb noun verb
ab ject ab ject con trast con trast in lay in lay
ab sent ab sent con verse con verse in lay in lay
ab stract ab stract con vert con vert ob ject ob ject
ac cent ac cent con vict con vict out leap out leap
af six af fix con voy con voy per fect per fect
as pect as pect de crease de crease per fume per fume
at tribute at tribute des cant des cant per mit per mit
aug ment aug ment des ert des ert pre fix pre fix
au gust au gust de tail de tail pre mise pre mise
bom bard bom bard di gest di gest pre sage pre sage
col league col league dis cord dis cord pre sent pre sent
col lect col lect dis count dis count prod uce prod uce
com ment com ment ef flux ef flux proj ect proj ect
com pact com pact es cort es cort pro test pro test
com plot com plot es say es say re bel re bel
com port com port ex ile ex ile re cord re cord
com pound com pound ex port ex port re fuse re fuse
com presss com press ex tract ex tract re tail re tail
con cert con cert fer ment fer ment sub ject sub ject
con crete con crete fore cast fore cast su pine su pine
con duct con duct fore taste fore taste sur vey sur vey
con fine con fine fre quent fre quent tor ment tor ment
con flict con flict im part im part tra ject tra ject
con serve con serve im port im port trans fer trans fer
con sort con sort im press im press trans port trans port
con test con test im print im print un dress un dress
con text con text in cense in cense up cast up cast
con tract con tract in crease in crease up start up start