Acrostic (double)

 Acrostics (Double)

This very fashionable riddle is a double Rebus, the initial and final letters of a word or words selected making two names or two words. The usual plan is to first suggest the foundation words, and then to describe the separate words, whose initials and finals furnish the answer to the question. Thus:
A Party to charm the young and erratic—
But likely to frighten the old and rheumatic.
  1. The carriage in which the fair visitants came:
  2. A very old tribe with a very old name;
  3. A brave Prince of Wales free from scandal or shame.
The answer is Picnic.
   P Phaeton N
2.    I Iceni I
3.    C Caradoc C
Sometimes the Double Acrostic is in prose, as in this brief example:
A Briton supports his wig, his grand-mother, his comfort, and his country-women.

The answer is, Beef—Beer:

Bob, Eve, Ease, Fair.