Hydrochlorate of Ammonia

Dissolve two drachms of sal ammoniac in six ounces of water, then add an ounce of distilled vinegar and the same quantity of rectified spirit.

Use  as a refrigerant. 

 Compound Ammoniated

Add six drachms of oil of turpentine to the strong ammoniated liniment above.

Use  for the diseases mentioned in the preceding paragraph and chronic affections of the knee and ankle joints. 

 Strong Ammoniated

Add one ounce of strong liquid ammonia to two ounces of olive oil, shake well together until properly mixed.

Use  as a stimulant in rheumatic pains, paralytic numbnesses, chronic glandular enlargements, lumbago, sciatica, &c.

Note  that this embrocation must be used with care, and only employed in very obstinate cases. 


Ammonia, or Sal Volatile, is an antispasmodic antacid, stimulant and diaphoretic.

Used externally , combined with oil, it forms a cheap and useful liniment, but it should be dissolved in proof  spirit before the oil is added. One part of this salt, and three parts of extract of belladonna, mixed and spread upon leather, makes an excellent plaster for relieving rheumatic pains. As a local stimulant it is well known, as regards its effects in hysterics, faintness, and lassitude, when applied to the nose, as common smelling salts.

It is used internally  as an adjunct to infusion of gentian in dyspepsia or indigestion, and in moderate doses in gout.

Dose , from five to fifteen grains. 

Caution .—Overdoses act as a narcotic and irritant poison. 

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