are formed by the transposition of the letters of words or sentences, or names of persons, so as to produce a word, sentence, or verse, of pertinent or of widely different meaning. They are very difficult to discover, but are exceedingly striking when good. The following are some of the most remarkable:

Words Transpositions
Astronomers No more stars
Catalogues Got as a clue
Elegant Neat leg
Impatient Tim in a pet
Immediately I met my Delia
Masquerade Queer as mad
Matrimony Into my arm
Melodrama Made moral
Midshipman Mind his map
Old England Golden land
Parishioners I hire parsons
Parliament Partial men
Penitentiary Nay I repeat it
Presbyterian Best in prayer
Radical Reform Rare mad frolic
Revolution To love ruin
Sir Robert Peel Terrible poser
Sweetheart There we sat
Telegraphs Great help