Arithmetic is the art or science of computing by numbers. It is national, political, military, and commercial. It is of the highest importance to the community; because it pre-eminently teaches us to take care of Number I. Our ministers succeed according to their knowledge of the science of numbers. Witness the skilful management of majorities of the lower house.

He who understands the true art of Addition Subtraction Multiplication , and Division , as here laid down, will not be considered a mere cipher  in the world; but will, in all probability, make a considerable figure : and in the figurative words of Horace, be "Dives agris dives positis in fœnore nummis."

Let us, therefore, under the guidance and protection of that god of honest men, the light-heeled and light-fingered Mercury, be diligent so to add  to our store by subtracting  from the stores of others, that we may add  to our importance. Let us so multiply  our resources, by encouraging division  among our contemporaries, that we may see their reduction  in the perfection of our own practice .

"Rem facias; rem
Recte si possis, sì non, quocunque
Modo rem."
The Sign of Equality--'Who are You?'


= Equality. The sign of equality: as, "A living beggar is better than a dead king;" or both being dead, are equal to each other.

The Sign of Subtraction

— Minus, less. The sign of subtraction; as, for instance, an elopement to Gretna; or, a knocking-down argument by the way-side, — minus ticker. Take from — from take.

A Pluralist


+ Plus, or more. The sign of addition; as, 3 livings + to 1 = 4; or, 5 millions of new taxes + to 48 = 53.

The Sacred Haltar


× Multiplied by. The sign of multiplication: as, "The sun breeds maggots in a dead dog."—See Shakspeare.Or, "Money makes money."—See Franklin. Or, Anti-Malthus.—See Ireland.

Dividing the Chinese, a cutting Joke


÷ Divided by. The sign of division. Example 1. The Whigs.—2. The Church. A house divided against itself. Division of property; the lion's share, &c.

Signs of Proportion

Is to: so is:: As Lord B—— is to  Bishop P——, so is  a blue musquito to a planter's nose.

As Sir R—— I—— is to  J—— H——, so is  a pair of donkey's-ears to a barber's-block.

As Tommy Duncombe is to  Lord Stanley, so is  shrimp-sauce to a boiled turbot.