This class of riddle is of recent introduction. The Arithmorem is made by substituting figures in a part of the word indicated, for Roman numerals. The nature of the riddle—from the Greek arithmos , number, and the Latin remanere , back again—will be easily seen from the following example, which is a double Arithmorem:

H 51 and a tub ——a fine large fish
A 100 and gore ——a sprightly movement in music
R 5 and be ——a part of speech
U 551 and as and ——a Spanish province
To 201 and ran ——a stupefying drug
R 102 and nt ——an acid
OU 250 and pap ——a Mexican town

The answer is Havanna—Tobacco .

H alibu t A llegr o V er b A ndalusi a N arcoti c N itri c A capulc o