Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

Duke of Wellington

Born 1769.—Died 1852.—George III.—George IV.—William IV.—Victoria.

Arthur Wellesley, the third son of the Earl of Mornington, went into the army as an ensign in the 73rd Foot, and became a very great general and afterwards a statesman.  He went to India in 1797, where his wonderful military career may be said to have begun.  From India he passed to the command of the English armies in the Peninsular war against Buonaparte, where he steadily overcame the best French generals, and at Waterloo broke the whole strength of France, and obliged Buonaparte to surrender to the allies.  The Duke of Wellington was a man of the loftiest character as a commander and statesman, with no thought of himself, or love of praise or gain.  He lived in an unassuming way, with great simplicity, and died at Walmer Castle in 1852.