astringent. An agent producing contraction of organic tissues or the arrest of a discharge.

Astringents are medicines which contract the fibres of the body, diminish excessive discharges, and act indirectly as tonics, such as oak bark, galls, &c. 


Mix sixteen grains of acetate of lead (sugar of lead ) with four grains of opium, and make into a mass with extract of dandelion, so as to make eight pills.

Dose , from one to two. Use as an astringent in obstinate diarrhœa, dysentery, and spitting of blood. 


Take two drachms of roses and mix with eight ounces of boiling water, infuse for one hour, strain, and add one drachm of alum and one ounce of honey of roses.

Use  for severe sore throat, relaxed uvula, &c. 

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