Augustine of Hippo

Saint Augustine

Died A.D. 596.

A Benedictine monk, who was sent over from Rome by Pope Gregory the Great, at the invitation of the Saxon king Ethelbert, to preach the Gospel in Britain.  Two of the kings were soon converted to Christianity, who pulled down the heathen temples and began to build churches.

St. Augustine

Regarding the position of St. Augustine (354-430) throughout the Middle Ages, it is here sufficient to quote a few words of Gustav Krüger: "The theological position and influence of Augustine may be said to be unrivalled. No single name has ever exercised such power over the Christian Church, and no one mind ever made so deep an impression on Christian thought. In him scholastics and mystics, popes and opponents of the papal supremacy, have seen their champion. He was the fulcrum on which Luther rested the thoughts by which be sought to lift the past of the Church out of the rut; yet the judgment of Catholics still proclaims the ideals of Augustine as the only sound basis of pbilosopby."