Barley milk

To make a Barley Creame to procure sleepe, or Almond Milke

Take a good handfull of French Barley, wash it cleane in warme water, and boyle it in a quart of fayre water to the halfe, then put out the water from the Barley, and put the Barley  into a pottell of new clean water, with a Parsley, and a Fennell  root, clean washed, and picked with Bourage, Buglos, Violet  leaves, and Lettice, of each one handfull, boyle them with the Barley, till more then halfe be consumed; then strayne out the liquor, and take of blanched Almonds  a handfull, of the seeds of Melons, Cucumbers, Citralls, and Gourds, husked, of each halfe a quarter of an ounce, beat these seeds, and the Almonds  together, in a stone morter, with so much Sugar, and Rose-water  as is fit, and strayne them through a cleane cloath into the liquor, and drink thereof at night going to bed, and in the night, if this doth not sufficiently provoke sleep, then make some more of the same liquor, and boyle in the same the heads, or a little of white Poppey.