Il lui a battu froid = He gave him the cold shoulder.

[Comp. “Majorum ne quis amicus frigore te feriat.”--HORACE, Sat., ii. 1.]

Battre la campagne = 1. (lit.) To scour the country. 2. (fig.) To talk nonsense. 3. (of invalids) To wander. 4. To beat about the bush.

Battre la breloque (berloque) = To talk nonsense.

Battre le pavé = 1. To loaf about. 2. To wander about in search for work.

Tout battant neuf = All brand new.

Battre le chien devant le loup = To pretend to be angry with one person to deceive another.

Avoir les yeux battus = To look tired about the eyes.

La fête battait son plein = The entertainment was at its height.

Battre quelqu'un à plate couture = To beat some one hollow.

[Literally, to beat some one so hard and thoroughly, as to flatten the seams (coutures ) of his coat.]

Les battus payent l'amende = The weakest go to the wall; Those who lose pay.

L'un bat les buissons et l'autre prend les oiseaux = One does the work and the other reaps the advantage; One man starts the game and another kills it.

Autant vaut bien battu que mal battu = As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb; In for a penny, in for a pound. (See Chien.)