British Sporting Slang

5 terms


To tip any one the double; to run away in his or her debt.

C'est un double coquin = He is a thorough rascal.

C'est un homme double = He is a double-faced man.

“to tip (or give) the double ,” to run away from any person; to double back, turn short round upon one's pursuers, and so escape, as a hare does.—Sporting.


a person who does not habitually bet, or is not admitted to the “ring,” a duffer or good-for-nothing fellow. Also, a horse whose name does not appear among the “favourites.”—Sporting.


to strip, or disrobe.—Sporting.
sb. skin, rind of fruitEtymology: Old French pel; Latin pellem
To peel: To strip: allusion to the taking off the coat or rind of an orange or apple.

peel should not be confused with peal . The first designates “rind”; the second, “ring.”


twenty-five pounds.—Sporting.

Put the pot on

to put too much money upon one horse.—Sporting.