Burlington House

Royal Academy Burlington House .—The Academy was established in 1768, for the encouragement of the fine arts.  Until the finishing of Mr. Wilkin's building, the Academy held its meetings and exhibitions in a small number of rooms at Somerset House.  Students are admitted on evidence of sufficient preliminary training, and taught gratuitously; but so far as the public is concerned, the Royal Academy is chiefly known by its famous Annual Exhibition of modern English pictures and sculptures, from May to July.  This Exhibition is a very profitable affair to the Academy.  Royal commissions and parliamentary committees find a difficulty in investigating the revenues, privileges, and claims of the Academy; it is known, however, that the schools are maintained out of the profits.  Concerning the building in Trafalgar Square, most persons agree that the main front is too much cut up in petty detail, and that one of the finest sites in Europe has thus been comparatively neglected.  Some have humorously nicknamed it “The National Cruet Stand.”