The Caledonians

Figure Actions Repeat
First Figure The first and opposite couples hands across round the centre and back to places—set and turn partners. Ladies' chain. Half promenade—half right and the side couples
Second Figure The first gentleman advance and retire twice. All set at corners, each lady passing into the next lady's place on the right. Promenade by the other couples
Third Figure The first lady and opposite gentleman advance and retire, bending to each other. First lady and opposite gentleman pass round each other to places. First couple cross over, having hold of hands, while the opposite couple cross on the outside of them—the same reversed. All set at corners, turn, and resume partners. All advance and retire twice, in a circle with hands joined—turn partners.
Fourth Figure The first lady and opposite gentleman advance and stop; then their partners advance; turn partners to places. The four ladies move to right, each taking the next lady's place, and stop—the four gentlemen move to left, each taking the next gentleman's place, and stop—the ladies repeat the same to the right—then the gentlemen to the left. All join hands and promenade round to places, and turn the other couples
Fifth Figure The first couple promenade or waltz round inside the figure. The four ladies advance, join hands round, and retire—then the gentlemen perform the same—all set and turn partners. Chain figure of eight half round, and set. All promenade to places and turn partners. All change sides, join right hands at corners, and set—back again to places. Finish with grand promenade.

These three are the most admired of the quadrilles: the First Set invariably takes precedence of every other dance. 

Coffee was First Brought to England in 1641.