Mix one ounce of powdered catechu, two drachms and a half of powdered alum, one ounce of powdered white resin, and two ounces and a half of olive oil, together.

Use  for flabby and indolent ulcerations. 


Catechu is a most valuable astringent.

It is used externally , when powdered, to promote the contraction of flabby ulcers. As a local astringent it is useful in relaxed uvula, a small piece being dissolved in the mouth; small, spotty ulcerations of the mouth and throat, and bleeding gums, and for these two affections it is used in the form of infusion to wash the parts.

It is given internally  in diarrhœa, dysentery, and hemorrhage from the bowels.

Dose , of the infusion , from one to three ounces; of the tincture , from one to four drachms; of the powder , from ten to thirty grains.

Caution .—It must not be given with soda or any alkali; nor metallic salts, albumen, or gelatine, as its property is destroyed by this combination.