The flowers of the camomile are tonic, slightly anodyne, antispasmodic, and emetic.

They are used externally  as fomentations, in colic, faceache, and tumours, and to unhealthy ulcers.

They are used internally  in the form of infusion, with carbonate of soda, ginger, and other stomachic remedies, in dyspepsia, flatulent colic, debility following dysentery and gout. Warm infusion of the flowers acts as an emetic; and the powdered flowers are sometimes combined with opium or kino, and given in intermittent fevers.

Dose , of the powdered  flowers, from ten grains to one drachm, twice or thrice a day; of the infusion , from one to two ounces, as a tonic, three times a day: and from six ounces to one pint as an emetic; of the extract , from five to twenty grains. 

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