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are compositions, poetical or otherwise, founded upon words, each syllable of which constitutes a noun , the whole of each word constituting another noun of a somewhat different meaning from those supplied by its separate syllables. Words which fully answer these conditions are the best for the purposes of charades; though many other words are employed. In writing, the first syllable is termed "My first ," the second syllable "My second ," and the complete word "My whole ." The following is an example of a Poetical Charade:
The breath of the morning is sweet;
The earth is bespangled with flowers,
And buds in a countless array
Have ope'd at the touch of the showers.
The birds, whose glad voices are ever
A music delightful to hear,
Seem to welcome the joy of the morning,
As the hour of the bridal draws near.
What is that which now steals on my first,
Like a sound from the dreamland of love,
And seems wand'ring the valleys among,
That they may the nuptials approve?
'Tis a sound which my second  explains,
And it comes from a sacred abode,
And it merrily trills as the villagers throng
To greet the fair bride on her road.
How meek is her dress, how befitting a bride
So beautiful, spotless, and pure!
When she weareth my second, oh, long may it be
Ere her heart shall a sorrow endure.
See the glittering gem that shines forth from her hair—
'Tis my whole, which a good father gave;
Twas worn by her mother with honour before—
But she  sleeps in peace in her grave.
Twas her earnest request, as she bade them adieu,
That when her dear daughter the altar drew near,
She should wear the same gem that her mother had worn
When she as a bride full of promise stood there.
The answer is Ear-ring . The bells ring , the sound steals upon the ear , and the bride wears an ear ring . Charades may be sentimental or humorous, in poetry or prose; they may also be acted , in which manner they afford considerable amusement. 

 Words which may be converted into Acting or Written Charades

Aid-less Ba-boon Cab-in Dark-some Ear-ring False-hood Gain-say Had-dock Ill-nature Jac(k)o-bite
Air-pump Back-bite Can-did Day-break Earth-quake Fan-atic Gang-way Hail-stone Ill-usage Joy-ful
Ale-house Back-slide Can-ton Death-watch Ear-wig Fare-well Glow-worm Hail-storm In-action Joy-less
Ann-ounce Bag-gage Care-ful Dog-ma Far-thing Glut-ton Half-penny In-born Justice-ship
Arch-angel Bag-pipe Car-pet Don-key K Fear-less God-child Ham-let In-crease
Arm-let Bag-dad Car-rot Drink-able Key-stone Fee-ling God-daughter Ham-mock In-justice L
Art-less Bail-able Cart-ridge Drug-get Kid-nap Field-farm God-father Hand-cuff Ink-ling Lace-man
Ass-ail Bale-ful Chair-man Duck-ling King-craft Fire-lock God-like Hang-man In-land Lady-bird
Band-age Chamber-maid King-fisher Fire-man God-mother Hap-pen In-mate Lady-ship
M Band-box Cheer-ful N Kins-man Fire-pan God-son Hard-ship In-no-cent Lamp-black
Ma-caw Bane-ful Cheer-less Name-sake Kit-ten Fire-ship Gold-finch Hard-ware In-sane Land-lady
Mad-cap Bar-bed Christ-mas Nan-keen Knight-hood Fire-work Gold-smith Harts-horn In-spirit Land-lord
Mad-house Bar-gain Church-yard Nap-kin Know-ledge Fir-kin Goose-berry Head-land In-tent Land-mark
Mad-man Bar-rack Clans-men Neck-cloth Fish-hook Grand-father Hard-ship Inter-meddle Land-scape
Mag-pie Bar-row Clerk-ship Neck-lace O Flag-rant Grate-ful Hard-ware Inter-sect Land-tax
Main-mast Bat-ten Cob-web Nest-ling Oak-apple Flip-pant Grave-stone Harts-horn Inter-view Lap-dog
Main-sail Beard-less Cock-pit News-paper Oat-cake Flood-gate Green-finch Head-land In-valid Lap-pet
Main-spring Bid-den Cod-ling Nick-name Oat-meal Fond-ling Grey-hound Head-less In-vent Laud-able
Mam-moth Bird-lime Coin-age Night-cap Off-end Foot-ball Grim-ace Head-long In-vest Law-giver
Man-age Birth-right Con-fined Night-gown Oil-man Foot-man Grind-stone Head-stone In-ward Law-suit
Man-date Black-guard Con-firm Night-mare O-men Foot-pad Ground-plot Head-strong Ire-ful Lay-man
Marks-man Blame-less Con-form Night-watch On-set Foot-step Ground-sell Hear-say Iron-mould Leap-frog
Mar-row Block-head Con-tent Nine-fold O-pen Foot-stool Guard-ship Heart-less I-sing-lass Leap-year
Mass-acre Boat-man Con-test Noon-tide O-pinion For-age Gun-powder Heart-sick Lee-ward
Match-less Boot-jack Con-tract North-star Our-selves For-bear Heart-string P Life-guard
May-game Book-worm Con-verse North-ward Out-act For-bid Q Hedge-hog Pack-age Like-wise
Meat-man Bound-less Cork-screw Not-able Out-bid Found-ling Quad-rant Heir-less Pack-cloth Live-long
Mis-chance Bow-ling Count-less Not-ice Out-brave Fox-glove Quench-less Heir-loom Pad-dock Load-stone
Mis-chief Brace-let Court-ship No-where Out-brazen Free-hold Quick-lime Hell-hound Pad-lock Log-book
Mis-count Brain-less Crab-bed Nut-gall Out-cast Free-stone Quick-sand Hell-kite Pain-ful Log-wood
Mis-deed Break-fast Cross-bow Nut-meg Out-cry Fret-work Quick-set Hence-forth Pain-less Loop-hole
Mis-judge Breath-less Cur-tail Out-do Fri-day Quick-silver Hen-roost Pal-ace Lord-ship
Mis-quote Brick-bat Cur-tail R Out-grow Friend-ship Herb-age Pal-ate Love-sick
Monks-hood Brick-dust Rain-bow Out-law Frost-bite S Herds-man Pal-let Low-land
Moon-beam Bride-cake T Ram-part Out-line Fur-long Safe-guard Her-self Pan-cake Luck-less
Moon-light Bride-groom Tar-get Ran-sack Out-live Sal-low Hid-den Pan-tiler Luke-warm
Muf-fin Broad-cloth Tar-tar Rap-a-city Out-march U Sand-stone High-land Pa-pa
Broad-side Taw-dry Rasp-berry Out-rage Up-braid Sat-in High-way Pa-pal V
W Broad-sword Tax-able Rattle-snake Out-ride Up-hill Sat-ire Hind-most Par-able Vain-glory
Wag-on Brow-beat Tea-cup Red-breast Out-run Up-hold Sauce-box Hoar-frost Pa-rent Van-guard
Wag-tail Brown-stone Teem-ful Red-den Out-sail Up-land Sauce-pan Hob-goblin Pa-ring Vault-age
Wain-scot Bug-bear Teem-less Rid-dance Out-sell Up-ride Saw-dust Hogs-head Par-snip
Waist-coat Bull-dog Tell-tale Ring-leader Out-shine Up-right Saw-pit Home-bred Par-son Y
Wake-ful Bump-kin Ten-able Ring-let Out-side Up-roar Scare-crow Honey-bag Par-took Year-ling
Wal-nut Buoy-ant Ten-a-city Ring-tail Out-sit Up-shot Scarf-skin Honey-comb Part-ridge Youth-ful
Wan-ton But-ton Ten-ant Ring-worm Out-sleep Up-start Scar-let Honey-moon Pass-able
Ward-mate Ten-dance Rolling-pin Out-spread Up-ward School-fellow Honey-suckle Pass-over S continued
Ward-robe O continued Ten-don Rose-water Out-stare Use-less School-master Hood-wink Pas-time Ship-wreck
Ward-ship Over-plus Ten-dril Rot-ten Out-stretch School-mistress Horse-back Patch-work Shirt-less
Ware-house Over-poise Ten-or Round-about Out-talk P continued Scot-free Horse-shoe Pa-tent Shoe-string
War-fare Over-power Thank-ful Round-house Out-vie Port-hole Screech-owl Host-age Path-way Shoe-waker
War-like Over-press Thank-less Run-a-gate Out-ward Post-age Scul-lion Hot-bed Pat-ten Shop-board
War-rant Over-rack Them-selves Rush-light Out-weigh Post-chaise Sea-born Hot-house Peace-able Shop-keeper
Wash-ball Over-rate Thence-forth Out-wit Post-date Sea-calf Hot-spur Pea-cock Shop-man
Waste-ful Over-reach There-after W continued Out-work Post-house Sea-coal Hounds-ditch Pear-led Shore-less
Watch-ful Over-right There-at Whit-low Out-worn Post-man Sea-faring Hour-glass Peer-age Short-hand
Watch-man Over-ripen There-by Whit-sun-tide Over-act Post-office Sea-girt House-hold Peer-less Short-lived
Watch-word Over-roast There-fore Who-ever Over-awe Pot-ash Sea-gull House-maid Pen-knife Short-sighted
Water-course Over-rule There-from Whole-sale Over-bear Pot-hook Sea-maid House-wife Pen-man Shot-free
Water-fall Over-run There-in Whole-some Over-board Pound-age Sea-man Hum-drum Pen-man-ship Shoulder-belt
Water-fowl Over-see There-on Wild-fire Over-boil Prim-rose Seam-less Hump-back Penny-worth Shrove-tide
Water-man Over-seer There-to Wil-low Over-burden Prior-ship Seam-stress Hurri-cane Per-jury Side-board
Water-mark Over-set There-with Wind-lass Over-cast Prop-a-gate Sea-nymph Pert-in-a-city Side-long
Water-mill Over-shade Thick-set Wind-mill Over-charge Punch-bowl Sea-piece S continued Pick-lock Side-saddle
Water-work Over-shadow Thought-ful Wind-pipe Over-cloud Sea-port Sod-den Pick-pocket Side-ways
Way-lay Over-shoe Thought-less Win-now Over-come S continued Sea-sick Sol-ace Pie-bald Sight-less
Way-ward Over-shoot Thread-bare Win-some Over-court Star-board Sea-son So-lo Pike-staff Silk-weaver
Weather-cock Over-sight Three-fold Wise-acre Over-do Star-gazer Sea-ward Sol-vent Pill-age Silk-worm
Weather-glass Over-size Three-score Wit-less Over-due Star-less Second-hand Some-body Pin-cushion Silver-smith
Weather-wise Over-sleep Thresh-old Wolf-dog Over-eye Star-light Seed-cake Some-how Pine-apple Sin-less
Web-bed Over-spread Through-out Wood-cock Over-feed Star-like Seed-ling Some-time Pip-kin Six-fold
Web-foot Over-stock Thunder-bolt Wood-land Over-flow Star-ling Seed-pearl Some-what Pitch-fork Skim-milk
Wed-lock Over-strain Thunder-struck Wood-lark Over-grown States-man Seed-time Some-where Pit-men Skip-jack
Week-day Over-sway Till-age Wood-man Over-head Stead-fast Seers-man Song-stress Plain-tiff Sky-lark
Wel-come Over-swell Tip-pet Wood-note Over-hear Steel-yard Sex-tile Son-net Play-fellow Sky-light
Wel-fare Over-take Tip-staff Wood-nymph Over-heard Steer-age Sex-ton Southern-wood Play-house Slap-dash
Well-born Over-throw Tire-some Work-house Over-joy Step-dame Shame-less Span-king Play-mate Sleeve-less
Well-bred Over-took Title-page Work-man Over-lade Step-daughter Sham-rock Spare-rib Play-wright Slip-board
Wheel-wright Over-value Toad-stool Work-shop Over-lay Step-father Shape-less Spar-row Plough-man Slip-shod
Where-at Over-work Toil-some Worm-wood Over-leap Step-mother Sharp-set Speak-able Plough-share Slip-slop
Where-by Ox-gall Tom-boy Wrath-ful Over-load Steward-ship Sheep-cot Speech-less Pole-cat Slope-wise
Whet-stone Ox-lip Tooth-ache Wrath-less Over-look Stiff-neck Sheep-shearing Spite-ful Pol-lute Slow-worm
Whip-cord Top-knot Wrist-band Over-mast Still-born Sheep-walk Sports-man Pop-gun Snip-pet
Whip-hand S cont.Top-most Writ-ten Over-match Stock-jobber Sheet-anchor Spot-less Pop-in-jay Snip-snap
Whirl-pool Stow-age Top-sail Over-pass Stone-fruit Shell-fish Spring-halt Port-age Snow-ball
Whirl-wind Strata-gem Touch-stone S cont.Over-pay Store-fruit Shift-less Spruce-beer Port-hole Snow-drop
White-wash Straw-berry Touch-wood Stream-let Over-peer Store-house Ship-board Stair-case Post-age Snuff-box
Sun-dry Towns-man Strip-ling Sup-position seven Sweet-william
Sun-flower Toy-shop Sum-mary T cont.Sup-press T cont.Sweet-willow
Sun-less Track-less Summer-house Trod-den Swans-down Twelfth-night Swine-herd
Sup-plant Trap-door Summer-set Turn-pike Sweep-stake Twelfth-tide Swords-man
Sup-pliant Tre-foil Sun-beam Turn-spit Sweet-bread Two-fold
Sup-port Trip-let Sun-burnt Turn-stile Sweet-briar Two-pence
Sup-port-able Trip-thong Sun-day Tutor-age Sweet-heart

A Liar Should Have a Good Memory.