FIG. 71.—BATS (Plecotus auritus).

The Cheiroptera  (Bat tribe, fig. 71), have fore feet so modified as to serve as wings, with which they fly with tolerable swiftness, producing a peculiar flapping sound. These wings are formed by a membrane which is stretched out between the fingers, which are exceedingly elongated, and which reaches from the fore feet to the hind feet. The Bat tribe all feed upon insects, especially moths; they rest in the day time head downwards, clinging to rough places by means of the claws of their hind feet, coming out at night to seek their food; their sight, which is very quick, enabling them to see their prey when almost dark. Some of the larger species of this tribe, inhabiting America, are called Vampire Bats, they live by sucking the blood of various animals, such as cattle and horses, thereby inflicting dangerous wounds.