Chemin faisant = On the way.

Le chemin de velours = The primrose path.

En tout pays il y a une lieue de mauvais chemin = (fig.) In every enterprise difficulties have to be encountered.

Il ne faut pas y aller par quatre chemins = You must not beat about the bush; You must go straight to the point; You must not mince matters; It's no good shilly-shallying.

Qui trop se hâte reste en chemin = The more haste, the less speed; Slow and sure wins the race. (See Hâte.)

Le chemin le plus long est souvent le plus court = The longest way round often proves to be the shortest; A short cut may be a very long way home.

Prendre le chemin de l'école (or, des écoliers ) = To take the longest way (a roundabout way).

À chemin battu il ne croît pas d'herbe = (fig.) There is no profit in an affair in which many are engaged.

Se frayer un chemin avec les coudes = To elbow one's way through a crowd.