1. Bilious or English cholera.
Symptoms. Nausea, proceeding to vomiting, griping of the bowels, watery and offensive evacuations, in which much bile is present, accompanied with weakness and depression.

Medicines. Bryonia, with ipecacuanha at commencement of attack.

  1. Malignant or Asiatic cholera.
Symptoms  as in English cholera, but in a more aggravated form, followed by what is called the "cold stage," marked by great severity of griping pain in the stomach, accompanied with frequent and copious watery evacuations, and presently with cramps in all parts of the body; after which the extremities become chilled, the pulse scarcely discernible, the result of which is stupor and ultimately death.

Medicines. Camphor, in the form of tincture, in frequent doses, until the sufferer begins to feel warmth returning to the body, and perspiration ensues. In the later stages, Cuprum and Veratrum.

 Special Rules for the Prevention of Cholera

  1. It is impossible to urge too strongly the necessity, in all cases of cholera, of instant recourse to medical aid, and also in every form and variety of indisposition; for all disorders are found to merge in the dominant disease.

  1. Let immediate Relief be sought under disorder of the bowels especially, however slight. The invasion of cholera may thus be readily prevented.

  1. Let every Impurity, animal and vegetable, be quickly removed to a distance from the habitation, such as slaughterhouses, pig-sties, cesspools, necessaries, and all other domestic nuisances.

  1. Let all Uncovered Drains be carefully and frequently cleansed.

  1. Let the Grounds in and around the habitation be drained, so as effectually to carry off moisture of every kind.

  1. Let all Partitions he removed from within and without habitations, which unnecessarily impede ventilation.

  1. Let every Room be daily thrown open for the admission of fresh air; this should be done about noon, when the atmosphere is most likely to be dry.

  1. Let Dry Scrubbing be used in domestic cleansing in place of water cleansing.

  1. Let excessive Fatigue, and exposure to damp and cold, especially during the night, be avoided.

  1. Let the Use of Cold Drinks and acid liquors, especially under fatigue, be avoided, or when the body is heated.

  1. Let the Use of Cold Acid Fruits and vegetables be avoided.

  1. Let Excess in the use of ardent and fermented liquors and tobacco be avoided.

  1. Let a Poor Diet, and the use of impure water in cooking, or for drinking, be avoided.

  1. Let the Wearing of wet and insufficient clothes be avoided.

  1. Let a Flannel or woollen belt be worn round the belly.

  1. Let Personal Cleanliness be carefully observed.

  1. Let every cause tending to depress the moral and physical energies be carefully avoided. Let exposure to extremes of heat and cold be avoided.

  1. Let Crowding of persons within houses and apartments be avoided.

  1. Let Sleeping in low or damp rooms be avoided.

  1. Let Fires be kept up during the night in sleeping or adjoining apartments, the night being the period of most danger from attack, especially under exposure to cold or damp.

  1. Let all Bedding and clothing be daily exposed during winter and spring to the fire, and in summer to the heat of the sun.

  1. Let the Dead be buried in places remote from the habitations of the living. By the timely adoption of simple means such as these, cholera, or other epidemic, will be made to lose its venom.

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