To chouse: To cheat or trick: he choused me out of it. Chouse is also the term for a game like chuck-farthing.

to cheat out of one's share or portion. Hackluytchaus Massingerchiaus. From the Turkish, in which language it signifies an interpreter. Gifford  gives a curious story as to its origin:—

“In the year 1609 there was attached to the Turkish embassy in England an Interpreter, or chiaous , who, by cunning, aided by his official position, managed to cheat the Turkish and Persian merchants, then in London, out of the large sum of £4000, then deemed an enormous amount. From the notoriety which attended the fraud, and the magnitude of the swindle, any one who cheated or defrauded was said to chiaous, or chause, or chouse ; to do, that is, as this Chiaous  had done.”—See Trench, Eng. Past and Present.