Church Calendar

CALENDAR, THE CHURCH, is the detailed (excepting, of course, the rubrics) law of the Church for the daily worship of God. It also contains a list of Fasts and Festivals, or Holy Days. Our Church recognises eighty-two such Holy Days, of which the following is a classification, not including Ash Wednesday, Holy Week or Passion Week, and Easter Eve:—

In honour of our Blessed Lord (including 50 ordinary Lord's Days) 57

In honour of God the Holy Ghost 3

In honour of the Holy Trinity 1

In honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2

In honour of the Holy Angels 1

In honour of the Apostles and Evangelists 14

In honour of S. John Baptist and other Saints 4

The object for which Holy Days are instituted, is the commemoration of some person or event by devotional observance, the devotion being, of course, offered to Almighty God. (Blunt's Household Theology.)

The Calendar contains a Table of Lessons, or portions of Holy Scripture, to be read in Church, and rules for finding the date of the Moveable Feasts.

The present Table of Lessons came into use Jan. 1st, 1873.

(For Holy Days, &c., see under their respective heads.)