Parts.Petals the divisions of the Corolla.

Lamina, the expanded portion of the petal.

Claw, the stem portion of the petal.

Spurs, the hollow portion of certain corollas.

Crown, a small projection from certain petals (Catchfly).

Cohesion.Gamopetalous  or Monopetalous petals partially or wholly grown together.

Truncate toothedlobed cleftparted.

Polypetalous petals separate.

Adnation.Hypógynous corolla attached under the pistil (gynia, pistil).

Perígynous corolla attached to the calyx. It is thus around the pistil.

Epígynous corolla attached to the ovary. It is thus upon the ovary which is a part of the pistil.

Form.Gamopetalous  and Polypetalous.

Gamopetalous.- Regular.
Urceoiate urn-shaped (Whortleberry).
Tubular   cylindrical (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
Campánulate bell-shaped (Harebell).
Infundíbular funnel-shaped (Morning-glory).
Hypocraterimórphous salver-shaped (Phlox).
Rotate wheel-shaped (Potato).
Ligulate strap-shaped (Dandelion).
Lābiate, two-lipped.
Gāleate upper lip arched (Catmint).
Ringent both lips arched (Dead-nettle).
Personate throat closed (Toad-flax).
Polypetalous.- Regular.
Rosāceous petals without claws (Rose).
Liliāceous petals with claws gradually spreading (Lily).
Caryophyllāceous, long claws enclosed in a tube (Pink).
Crucíferous four clawed petals in the form of a cross (Mustard).
Papilionāceous butterfly-shaped (Bean).
Parts.—Vexillum, banner; alæ, wings; carīna, keel.

Æstivation , the arrangement of the floral organs in the bud.

Valvular pieces met by their margins (Lilac).

Induplicate margins turned inward (sepals of Clematis).

Reduplicate margins turned outward (sepals of Hollyhock).

Convolute, or contorted each piece overlaps its neighbor in one direction (Geranium).

Imbricated one or more petals wholly outside.

Quincúncial five petals, two without and two within and the remaining one with one edge outside and the other inside.

Triquētrous three petals, one without and one within, and the remaining one with one edge outside and the other inside.

Véxillary having one large petal enclosing the others (Pea).

Plicate the folding of gamopétalous flowers.

Supervolute with folds turned obliquely in the same direction (Morning-glory).