Mix one drachm of compound powder of ipecacuanha with one scruple of gum ammoniacum and one of dried squill bulb in powder. Make into a mass with mucilage, and divide into twenty pills. 

Dose , one, three times a day. 

 Cough (for Children)

Mix three drachms of ipecacuanha wine with half an ounce of oxymel of squills, the same quantity of spirits of tolu, one ounce of mucilage, and two ounces of water.

Dose , one teaspoonful for children under one year, two teaspoonfuls from one to five years, and a tablespoonful from five years, every time the cough is troublesome. 


Dissolve three grains of tartar emetic and fifteen grains of opium in one pint of boiling water, then add four ounces of treacle, two ounces of vinegar, and one pint more of boiling water.

Dose , from two teaspoonfuls to two tablespoonfuls, according to circumstances, every three hours, or three times a day. Use in common catarrh, bronchitis, and irritable cough. 


For this disorder, a light farinaceous diet is desirable, with plenty of out-door exercise and constant use of the sponging-bath.

Medicines . Aconitum napellus, for a hard, dry, hacking cough; Antimonium, for cough with wheezing and difficulty of expectoration; Belladonna, for spasmodic cough, with tickling in the throat, or sore throat; Bryonia, for hard, dry cough, with expectorations streaked with blood; ipecacuanha, for children. 

An excellent Medicine for the Cough of the Lungs

Take Fennell  and Angelica  of each one handfull, the leaves in Summer, roots in Winter, sliced figgs twelve, but if the body be bound, twenty at least, green Licorice if you can, two or three good sticks scraped and sliced, Anniseed cleaved and bruised, two good spoonfulls, two or three Parsley roots scraped, and the pith taken out, and twenty leaves of Foale-foot, boyle all these in three pints of Hysop  water, to a pint and halfe, then straine it out into a glasse, putting to it as much white Sugar -candy as will make it sweet, drink hereof, being warmed, five spoonfulls at a time, first in the morning, and last in the evening, taking heed that you eat nor drink any thing two howres before nor after.