Of Cowslips

Oyle of Cowslips

Oyle of Cowslips, if the Nape of the Neck be annointed with it, is good for the Palsie, it comforteth the sinews, the heart and the head.

The use of the Oyle of Wormwood, and Oyle of Mint

Oyle of Wormwood is good for straines and bruises, and to comfort the stomach; it is made of the green Hearb, as are the Oyle of CammomileRue, and Mint, are made.

Oyle of Mint  comforteth the stomack, overlayed or weakned with Casting, it doth drive back, or dry up Weomend breasts, and doth keep them from being soare, being therewith annointed.

Syrupe of Cowslips

Instead of running water you must take distilled water of Cowslips, put thereto your Cowslip  flowers clean picked, and the green knobs in the bottome cut off, and therewith boyle up a Syrupe, as in the Syrupe of Roses  is shewed; it is good against the Frensie, comforting and staying the head in all hot Agues, &c. It is good against the Palsie, and procures a sick Patient to sleep; it must be taken in Almond -milk, or some other warm thing.

To keep Cowslips for Salates

Take a quart of White wine  Vineger, and halfe a quarter of a pound of fine beaten Sugar, and mix them together, then take your Cowslips, pull them out of the podds, and cut off the green knobs at the lower end, put them into the pot or glasse wherein you mind to keep them, and well shaking the Vineger  and Sugar together in the glasse wherein they were before, powre it upon the Cowslips, and so stirring them morning and evening to make them settle for three weeks, keep them for your use.

To Conserve Cowslips

Gather your Flowers in the midst of the day when all the dew is off, then cut off all the white leaving none but the yellow blossome so picked and cut, before they wither, weigh out ten ounces, taking to every ten ounces of them, or greater proportion, if you please, eight ounces of the best refined Sugar, in fine powder, put the Sugar  into a pan, and candy it, with as little water as you can, then taking it off the fire, put in your Flowers by little and little, never ceasing to stir them till they be dry, and enough; then put them into glasses, or gally pots, and keep them dry for your use. These are rather Candied then Conserved Cowslips.

To Preserve all kinde of Flowers in the Spanish Candy in Wedges

Take VioletsCowslips, or any other kinde of Flowers, pick them, and temper them with the pap of two roasted Apples, and a drop or two of Verjuice, and a graine of Muske, then take halfe a pound of fine hard Sugar, boyle it to the height of Manus Christi, then mix them together, and pour it on a wet Pye plate, then cut it it in Wedges before it be through cold, gild it, and so you may box it, and keep it all the year. It is a fine sort of Banquetting stuffe, and newly used, your Manus Christi  must boyle a good while and be kept with good stirring.

A Medicine to break and heale sore breasts of Women, used by Mid-wives, and other skillfull Women in London

Boyle Oatmeale,, of the smallest you can get, and red Sage  together, in running or Conduict water, till it be thick enough to make a Plaister and then put into it a fit proportion of Honey, and let it boyle a little together, take it off the fire, and while it is yet boyling hot, put thereto so much of the best Venice Terpentine  as will make it thick enough to spread, then spreading it on some soft leather, or a good thick linnen cloath, apply it to the brest, and it will first break the soare; and after that being continued, will also heale it up.

A Medicine that hath recovered some from the Dropsie whome the Physitian hath given over

Take green Broome  and burne it in some clean place, that you may save the ashes of it, take some ten or twelve spoonfulls of the same Ashes, and boyle them in a pint of White  wine till the vertue of it be in the wine, then coole it, and drayne the wine from the dreggs, and make three draughts of the Wine, and drink one fasting in the morning, another at three in the afternoone, another late at night neer going to bed. Continue this, and by Gods grace it will cure you.

An especiall Medicine for all manner of Poyson

Take Hemp seed, dry it very well, and get off the husks, and beat the Hemp seed  into fine powder, take Mintes  also, dry them, and make them into powder, boyle a spoonfull of either of these in halfe a pint of Goats  milk, a pretty while, then put the milk into a cup to coole, and put into it a spoonfull of Treacle, and stir them together till it be coole enough, then drink it in the morning fasting, and eat nothing till noon, or at least two hours; doe the like at night, and use it so three dayes, and it will kill and overcome any poyson.

Doctor Lewin's Unguentum Rosatum, good for the heat in the Back

Take a certain quantity of Barrowes  grease; Oyle of sweet Almonds, and Rose-water, either red or damask, of each a like quantity, but of neither so much as of the Hoggs  grease, beat them together to an Oyntment, put it in some gally pot, and when you would use it, heat it, and therewith annoynt the Back and Reins.