Cream of tartar

 Cream of Tartar Confection

Take one ounce of cream of tartar, one drachm of jalap, and half a drachm of powdered ginger; mix into a thick paste with treacle.

Dose , two drachms.

Use  as a purgative. 

 Cream of Tartar

Cream of Tartar is a purgative and refrigerant. It is used internally  in dropsy, especially of the belly, in doses of from one scruple to one drachm. As a refrigerant drink it is dissolved in hot water, and sweetened with sugar, and is used in febrile diseases, care being taken not to allow it to rest too much upon the bowels.

Dose , as a purgative , from two to four drachms, as a hydrogogue , from four to six drachms, mixed with honey or treacle.

Caution.—Its use should be followed by tonics, especially gentian and angostura.