crow , a colloquialism for exult.

or cock-crow , to exult over another's abasement, as a fighting-cock does over his vanquished adversary.
“a regular crow ,” a success, a stroke of luck,—equivalent to a fluke.
“I have a crow  to pick with you,” i.e., an explanation to demand, a disagreeable matter to settle. Sometimes the article picked is supposed to be a bone.
one who watches whilst another commits a theft, a confederate in a robbery. The crow  looks to see that the way is clear, whilst the sneak , his partner, commits the depredation.
To crow: To brag, boast, or triumph. To crow over any one; to keep him in subjection: an image drawn from a cock, who crows over a vanquished enemy. To pluck a crow; to reprove any one for a fault committed, to settle a dispute. To strut like a crow in a gutter; to walk proudly, or with an air of consequence.