Current Density

The current intensity per unit of cross-sectional area of the conductor. The expression is more generally used for electrolytic conduction, where the current-density is referred to the mean facing areas of the electrodes, or else to the facing area of the cathode only.

The quality of the deposited metal is intimately related to the current density. (See Burning)
          Proper Current Density for Electroplating
      Amperes Per Square Foot of Cathode.--(Urquhart.)
Copper, Acid Bath.                               5.0  to  10.0
"       Cyanide Bath,                            3.0  "   5.0
Silver, Double Cyanide,                          2.0  "   5.0
Gold, Chloride dissolved in Potassium Cyanide,   1.0  "   2.0
Nickel, Double Sulphate,                         6.6  "   8.0
Brass,Cyanide,                                   2.0  "   3.0