"To my hammer's swing
Hitherward sweep
Vapours and fogs!
Hovering mists!
Donner, your lord, summons his hosts!"

Ils lui en ont donné tout du long de l'aune = They beat him black and blue.

Je vous le donne en dix = I bet you ten to one you will not guess it.

Qui donne tôt donne deux fois = He gives twice who gives in a trice.

[“Bis dat qui celeriter dat.”--PUBLIUS SYRUS. Cito, which is now used instead of celeriter, appears to be a later alteration.]

Le régiment a donné = The regiment has engaged.

On ne lui donnerait pas quarante ans = You would not take him for forty.

On t'en donnera des tabliers propres pour les salir = You ask too much.

J'ai passé quinze jours à Paris et je m'en suis donné = I spent a fortnight in Paris, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

[This idiom implies movement, excitement, &c.]