Doses of Medicine for Different Ages

It must be plain to every one that children do not require such powerful medicine as adults or old people, and therefore it is desirable to have some fixed method of determining or regulating the administration of doses of medicine. Now let it be supposed that the dose for a full-grown person is one drachm , then the following proportions will be suitable for the various ages given; keeping in view other circumstances, such as sex, temperament, habits, climate, state of general health , and idiosyncrasy.

Age Proportion Proportionate Dose
7 weeks one-fifteenth or grains 4
7 months one-twelfth or grains 5
under 2 years one-eighth or grains 7.5
under 3 years one-sixth or grains 10
under 4 years one-fourth or grains 15
under 7 years one-third or scruple 1
under 14 years one-half or drachm 1/2
under 20 years two-fifths or scruples 2
above 21 years the full dose
above 65 years the inverse gradation