Drying herbs

 Drying Herbs

Fresh herbs are preferable to dried ones, but as they cannot always be obtained, it is most important to dry herbs at the proper seasons:

Basil is in a fit state for drying about the middle of August
Burnet in June, July, and August
Chervil in May, June, and July
Elder Flowers in May, June, and July
Knotted Marjoram during July
Lemon Thyme end of July and through August
Mint end of June and July
Orange Flowers May, June, and July
Parsley May, June, and July
Sage August and September
Summer Savoury end of July and August
Tarragon June, July, and August
Thyme end of July and August
Winter Savoury end of July and August

These herbs always at hand will be a great aid to the cook. Herbs should be gathered on a dry day; they should be immediately well cleansed, and dried by the heat of a stove or Dutch oven. The leaves should then be picked off, pounded and sifted, put into stoppered bottles, labelled, and put away for use. Those who are unable or may not care to take the trouble to dry herbs, can obtain them prepared for use in bottles at the green-grocer's. 

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