East India Museum

East India Museum .—Near the building last noticed, in Fife House, Whitehall, is deposited the collection known as the East India Museum, formerly deposited at the India House, in Leadenhall Street, and now belonging to the nation.  It comprises a very curious assemblage of Oriental dresses, jewels, ornaments, furniture, musical instruments, models, paintings, tools, implements, idols, trinkets, &c.  Among the rest is the barbaric toy known as Tippoo's Tiger .  It consists of a figure of a tiger trampling on a prostrate man, whom he is just about to seize with his teeth; the interior contains pipes and other mechanism, which, when wound up by a key, cause the figure of the man to utter cries of distress, and the tiger to roar.  Such was one of the amusements of Tippoo Sahib!  The museum is open free on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 10 till 4.