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Electric Gas Burner

A gas burner arranged for the flame to be lighted by electricity. It takes a great variety of forms. In some cases a pair of terminals are arranged near the flame or a single terminal is placed near the metal tip, the latter forming one of the terminals. The spark is generally produced by an induction coil, or a spark coil. The gas may first be turned on and the spark then passed. Sometimes the turning of the gas cock of an individual burner makes and breaks a contact as it turns, and thereby produces simultaneously with the turning on of the gas a spark which lights it.

Another form is wholly automatic. A pair of electro-magnets are attached below the base of the burner, one of which, when excited, turns on the gas, and the other one when it is excited turns it off. At the same time a spark is produced with the turning on of the gas so that it is lighted. Thus, by use of a automatic burner, a distant gas burner can be lighted by turning an electric switch. An out-door lamp may be lighted from within a house.

The increasing use of electric incandescent lamps, lighted by the turning of a switch, tends to displace electric gas burners. The latter have been classified into a number of types depending on their construction.

Burners are sometimes connected in series with leads from an induction coil. Then the gas is turned on all at once, and a succession of sparks passed until the gas is all lighted. The ignition is practically instantaneous.