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Electrolysis. For electrolysis a galvanic battery of thirty or more medium-sized cells is required, with needle electrodes insulated, except near their points.

To destroy a verruca, introduce into it two needles, a short distance apart, each connected with a pole of the battery; then, commencing with a weak current, this must be cautiously increased, the sitting lasting from a half hour to one hour, after which the needles are to be removed and the punctures sealed by collodion.

Electricity. This is used in the form of the induced current  (Faradism) to exercise and improve the nutrition of muscles, and in the form of the constant current  (galvanism) along the course of nerve-trunks, to excite their conducting power, or to act as a sedative in neuralgias.

The same current is used to induce chemical decomposition (electrolysis ) or to cauterize and destroy tissue by heating an encircling wire or by a galvanic knife. Franklinic, or static electricity, is also occasionally used.