Equipotential Surface

A surface over all of which the potential is the same. In a general sense equipotential surfaces are given by planes or surfaces which cut lines of force at right angles thereto, or which are normal to lines of force. The conception applies to electrostatic and electro-magnetic fields of force, and for current conductors the planes normal to the direction of the current are equipotential surfaces.

The contour of an equipotential surface of a field of force which is drawn or represented by delineations of its lines of force can be obtained by drawing a line normal thereto. This line will ordinarily be more or less curved, and will be a locus of identical potentials.

An electric equipotential surface may be described as electro-static, electro- magnetic, or magnetic; or may be an equipotential surface of a current conductor. Besides these there are mechanical and physical equipotential surfaces, such as those of gravitation.