Je suis bien dans son esprit = He has a good opinion of me.

Où avez-vous donc l'esprit? = What are you thinking of?

Il a l'esprit aux talons = He shines at the wrong end; He is not witty.

Il a l'esprit de l'escalier = He never thinks of the right answer at the proper moment.

[i.e. He thinks of the right answer going down the staircase, after leaving the room.]

Faire de l'esprit = To try and be witty.

Il a de l'esprit comme quatre = He is very witty.

L'esprit court les rues = Wit is a drug in the market.

Avoir l'esprit bien fait = To be good-tempered.

Les grands esprits se rencontrent = Great wits always jump together; We both said the same thing at the same moment.