EVOLUTION. A name given to the theory of the origin of animal life, set forth by certain scientists. Thus they tell us that the account given us in Genesis of the Creation is certainly wrong. That man was not created as man, but that he has grown to be what he is through a series of stages. According to Professor Haeckel, the pedigree of man is as follows:—1. Monera —formless little lumps of mucus matter supposed to be originated by spontaneous generation. 2. Amoebae —a little piece of protoplasm enclosing a kernel. 3. Synamoebae —a collection of Amoebae. 4. Planaeada. 5. Gastraeada, or primaeval "stomach animals." 6. Turbellaria, or worms of a very simple kind. 7. Scolecida, worms of a higher class. 8. Himatega, or worms of a higher class still. 9. Acrania, or skull-less animals. 10. Monorrhina, or animals with one nostril. 11. Selachii, or primaeval fish. 12. Dipneusta, or mud-fish. 13.Sozobranchia, or gilled amphibians. 14. Sozura, or tailed amphibians. 15. Protamnia. 16. Primary Mammals. 17. Pouched animals. 18. Prosimiae, or semi-apes. 19. Tailed Apes. 20. Man-like Apes. 21. Ape-like Men. 22. Men.

This may be all true, and yet Genesis need not be false. Genesis begins with man as man, and not with man as a Monera—supposing he ever was such. But when scientists speak of the principle of life as being the outcome of an act of spontaneous generation without any external creative power, then we must disagree with them. The principle of life is hidden with God alone, and must come from God. Nor does it in any way affect our belief in Almighty God, whether He was pleased to create man from the first in "His own image," or whether He was pleased to make him first pass through the preliminary stages Professor Haeckel enumerates!