Fever, Simple

Add three ounces of spirit of mindererus (Liquor ammonia acetatis ), three drachms of spirits of sweet nitre, four drachms of antimonial wine, and a drachm of syrup of saffron, to four ounces of water, or medicated water, such as cinnamon, aniseed, &c.

Dose , for an adult, one or two tablespoonfuls every three hours. Use as a diaphoretic. 


For all fevers of a serious character, such as scarlet fever, typhus fever, typhoid fever, gastric fever, intermittent fever, or ague, &c., it is better to send at once for a medical man. In cases of ordinary fever, indicated by alternate flushes and shivering, a hot dry skin, rapid pulse, and dry foul tongue, the patient should have a warm bath, take but little nourishment, and drink cold water. 

Medicine . Aconitum napellus. 

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