First name

 Christian Names of Women

name origin meaning
Ada German same as Edith
Adela German same as Adeline
Adelaide German same as Adeline
Adeline German a princess
Agatha Greek good
Agnes German chaste
Alethea Greek the truth
Althea Greek hunting
Alice / Alicia German noble
Alma Latin benignant
Amabel Latin loveable
Amy / Amelia French a beloved
Angelina Greek lovely, angelic
Anna / Anne Hebrew gracious
Arabella Latin a fair altar
Aureola Latin like gold
Aurora Latin morning brightness
Barbara Latin foreign or strange
Beatrice Latin making happy
Bella Latin beautiful
Benedicta Latin blessed
Bernice Greek bringing victory
Bertha Greek bright or famous
Bessie short form of Elizabeth
Blanche French fair
Bona Latin good
Bridget Irish shining bright
Camilla Latin attendant at a sacrifice
Carlotta Italian same as Charlotte
Caroline Latin feminine of Carolus (Charles): noble-spirited
Cassandra Greek a reformer of men
Catherine Greek pure or clean.
Cecilia Latin from Cecil
Charity Greek love, bounty
Charlotte French all noble
Chloe Greek a green herb
Christiana Greek belonging to Christ
Cicely a corruption of Cecilia
Clara Latin clear or bright
Clarissa Latin clear or bright
Constance Latin constant
Dagmar German joy of the Danes
Deborah Hebrew a bee
Diana Greek Jupiter's daughter
Dorcas Greek a wild roe
Dorothy / Dorothea Greek the gift of God
Edith Saxon happiness
Eleanor Saxon all fruitful
Eliza / Elizabeth Hebrew the oath of God
Ellen another form of Helen
Emily corrupted from Amelia
Emma German a nurse
Esther / Hesther Hebrew secret
Eudoia Greek prospering in the way
Eudora Greek good gift
Eudosia Greek good gift or well-given
Eugenia French well-born
Eunice Greek fair victory
Eva / Eve Hebrew causing life
Fanny diminutive of Frances
Fenella Greek bright to look on
Flora Latin flowers
Florence Latin blooming, flourishing
Frances German free
Gertrude German all truth
Grace Latin favour
Hagar Hebrew a stranger
Hadassah Hebrew form of Esther
Hannah Hebrew gracious
Harriet German head of the house
Helen / Helena Greek alluring
Henrietta fem. and dim. of Henry
Hepzibah Hebrew my delight is in her
Hilda German warrior maiden
Honora Latin honourable
Huldah Hebrew a weazel
Isabella Spanish fair Eliza
Jane / Jeanne feminine of John
Janet / Jeannette little Jane
Jemima Hebrew a dove
Joan Hebrew fem. of John
Joanna / Johanna form of Joan
Joyce French pleasant
Judith Hebrew praising
Julia / Juliana feminine of Julian
Katherine form of Catherine
Keturah Hebrew incense
Keziah Hebrew cassia
Laura Latin a laurel
Lavinia Latin of Latium
Letitia Latin joy of gladness
Lilian / Lily Latin a lily
Lois Greek better
Louisa German fem. of Louis
Lucretia Latin a chaste Roman lady
Lucy Latin feminine of Lucius
Lydia Greek descended from Lud
Mabel Latin lovely or loveable
Madeline form of Magdalen
Magdalen Syriac magnificent
Margaret Greek a pearl
Maria / Marie forms of Mary
Martha Hebrew bitterness
Mary Hebrew bitter
Matilda German a lady of honour
Maud German form of Matilda
May Latin month of May, or dim. of Mary
Mercy English compassion
Mildred Saxon speaking mild
Minnie dim. of Margaret
Naomi Hebrew alluring
Nest British the same as Agnes
Nicola Greek feminine of Nicholas
Olive / Olivia Latin an olive
Olympic Greek heavenly
Ophelia Greek a serpent
Parnell / Petronilla little Peter
Patience Latin bearing patiently
Paulina Latin feminine of Paulinus
Penelope Greek a weaver
Persis Greek destroying
Philadelphia Greek brotherly love
Philippa Greek feminine of Philip
Phœbe Greek the light of life.
Phyllis Greek a green bough
Polly variation of Molly, dim. of Mary
Priscilla Latin somewhat old
Prudence Latin discretion
Psyche Greek the soul
Rachel Hebrew a lamb
Rebecca Hebrew fat or plump
Rhoda Greek a rose
Rosa / Rose Latin a rose
Rosalie / Rosaline Latin little rose
Rosalind Latin beautiful as a rose
Rosabella Italian a fair rose
Rosamund Saxon rose of peace
Roxana Persian dawn of day
Ruth Hebrew trembling, or beauty
Sabina Latin sprung from the Sabines
Salome Hebrew perfect
Sapphira Greek like a sapphire stone
Sarah Hebrew a princess
Selina Greek the moon
Sybilla Greek the counsel of God
Sophia Greek wisdom
Sophronia Greek of a sound mind
Susan / Susanna Hebrew a lily
Tabitha Syriac a roe
Temperance Latin moderation
Theodosia Greek given by God
Tryphena Greek delicate
Tryphosa Greek delicious
Victoria Latin victory
Vida Erse feminine of David
Ursula Latin a she bear
Walburga Saxon gracious
Winifred Saxon winning peace
Zenobia Greek the life of Jupiter

Nor break the ties of friendship needlessly.

 Christian Names of Men

name origin meaning
Aaron Hebrew a mountain, or lofty
Abel Hebrew vanity
Abraham Hebrew the father of many
Absalom Hebrew the father of peace
Adam Hebrew red earth
Adolphus Saxon happiness and help
Adrian Latin one who helps
Alan Celtic harmony; or Slavonic, a hound
Albert Saxon all bright
Alexander Greek a helper of men
Alfred Saxon all peace
Alonzo form of Alphonso, q. v.
Alphonso German ready or willing
Ambrose Greek immortal
Amos Hebrew a burden
Andrew Greek courageous
Anthony Latin flourishing
Archibald German a bold observer
Arnold German a maintainer of honour
Arthur British a strong man
Augustus / Augustin Latin venerable, grand
Baldwin German a bold winner
Bardulph German a famous helper
Barnaby Hebrew a prophet's son
Bartholemew Hebrew the son of him who made the waters to rise
Beaumont French a pretty mount
Bede Saxon prayer
Benjamin Hebrew the son of a right hand
Bennet Latin blessed
Bernard German bear's heart.
Bertram German fair, illustrious
Bertrand German bright raven
Boniface Latin a well-doer
Brian French having a thundering voice
Cadwallader British valiant in war
Cæsar Latin adorned with hair
Caleb Hebrew a dog
Cecil Latin dim-sighted
Charles German noble-spirited
Christopher Greek bearing Christ
Clement Latin mild-tempered
Conrad German able counsel
Constantine Latin resolute
Cornelius Latin meaning uncertain
Crispin Latin having curled locks
Cuthbert Saxon known famously
Dan Hebrew judgment
Daniel Hebrew God is judge
David Hebrew well-beloved
Denis Greek belonging to the god of wine.
Douglas Gaelic dark grey
Duncan Saxon brown chief
Dunstant Saxon most high
Edgar Saxon happy honour
Edmund Saxon happy peace
Edward Saxon happy keeper
Edwin Saxon happy conqueror
Egbert Saxon ever bright
Elijah Hebrew God the Lord
Elisha Hebrew the salvation of God
Emmanuel Hebrew God with us.
Enoch Hebrew dedicated
Ephraim Hebrew fruitful
Erasmus Greek lovely, worthy to be loved
Ernest Greek earnest, serious
Esau Hebrew hairy
Eugene Greek nobly descended
Eustace Greek standing firm.
Evan or Ivan British he same as John
Everard German well reported
Ezekiel Hebrew the strength of God.
Felix Latin happy
Ferdinand German pure peace
Fergus Saxon manly strength
Francis German free
Frederic German rich peace
Gabriel Hebrew the strength of God
Geoffrey German joyful
George Greek a husbandman
Gerard Saxon all towardliness.
Gideon Hebrew a breaker
Gilbert Saxon bright as gold
Giles Greek a little goat
Godard German a godly disposition
Godfrey German God's peace
Godwin German victorious in God
Griffith British having great faith
Guy French a leader
Hannibal Punic a gracious lord
Harold Saxon a champion
Hector Greek a stout defender
Henry German a rich lord
Herbert German a bright lord
Hercules Greek the glory of Hera, or Juno
Hezekiah Hebrew cleaving to the Lord
Horace / Horatio Latin / Italian worthy to be beheld
Howel British sound or whole
Hubert German a bright colour
Hugh Dutch high, lofty
Humphrey German domestic peace
Ignatius Latin fiery
Ingram German of angelic purity
Isaac Hebrew laughter
Jabez Hebrew one who causes pain
Jacob Hebrew a supplanter
James / Jacques Hebrew / French beguiling
Joab Hebrew fatherhood
Job Hebrew sorrowing
Joel Hebrew acquiescing
John Hebrew the grace of the Lord.
Jonah Hebrew a dove
Jonathon Hebrew the gift of the Lord
Joscelin German just
Joseph Hebrew addition
Joshua Hebrew a Saviour
Josiah / Josais Hebrew the fire of the Lord
Julius Latin soft-haired
Lambert Saxon a fair lamb
Lancelot Spanish a little lance
Laurence Latin crowned with laurels
Lazarus Hebrew destitute of help
Leonard German like a lion
Leopold German defending the people
Lewis / Louis French the defender of the people
Lionel Latin a little lion
Llewellin British like a lion
Llewellyn Celtic lightning
Lucius Latin shining
Luke Greek a wood or grove
Manfred German great peace
Mark Latin a hammer
Martin Latin martial
Matthew Hebrew a gift or present.
Maurice Latin sprung of a Moor
Meredith British the roaring of the sea
Michael Hebrew who is like God?
Morgan British a mariner
Moses Hebrew drawn out
Nathaniel Hebrew the gift of God
Neal French somewhat black
Nicholas Greek victorious over the people
Noel French belonging to one's nativity
Norman French one born in Normandy
Obadiah Hebrew the servant of the Lord
Oliver Latin an olive
Orlando Italian counsel for the land
Orson Latin a bear
Osmund Saxon house peace
Oswald Saxon ruler of a house
Owen British well-descended
Patrick Latin a nobleman
Paul Latin small, little
Paulinus Latin little Paul
Percival French a place in France
Percy English adaptation of "pierce eye"
Peregrine Latin outlandish
Peter Greek a rock or stone
Philip Greek a lover of horses
Ralph, contracted 
from Randolph, 
or Randal, or Ranulph
Saxon pure help
Raymond German quiet peace
Reuben Hebrew the son of vision
Reynold German a lover of purity
Richard Saxon powerful
Robert German famous in counsel
Roderick German rich in fame
Roger German strong counsel
Roland / Rowland
/ Rollo
German counsel for the land
Rufus Latin reddish
Samson Hebrew a little son
Samuel Hebrew heard by God
Saul Hebrew desired
Sebastian Greek to be reverenced
Seth Hebrew appointed
Silas Latin sylvan or living in the woods
Simeon Hebrew hearing
Simon Hebrew obedient
Solomon Hebrew peaceable
Stephen Greek a crown or garland
Swithin Saxon very high
Theobold Saxon bold over the people
Theodore Greek the gift of God
Theodosius Greek given of God
Theophilus Greek a lover of God
Thomas Hebrew a twin
Timothy Greek a fearer of God
Titus Greek meaning uncertain
Toby / Tobias Hebrew the goodness of the Lord
Valentine Latin powerful
Victor Latin conqueror
Vincent Latin conquering
Vivian Latin living
Walter German a conqueror
Walwin German a conqueror
Wilfred Saxon bold and peaceful
William German defending many
Zaccheus Syriac innocent
Zachary Hebrew remembering the Lord
Zebedee Syriac having an inheritance
Zechariah Hebrew remembered of the Lord
Zedekiah Hebrew the justice of the Lord