Gas Dilatation

Gas Dilatation

So closely related are gas dilatation, fermentation and superacidity that it might be said they all come from common causes, such as excessive eating, over-consumption of sweets, acid fruits, starches, and the use of tobacco, stimulating beverages and drugs.

Gas Dilatation—the Symptoms

The symptoms of gas dilatation are practically the same as those given for fermentation, page 426. In addition thereto, however, there is often belching, loss of appetite, a weighty or draggy feeling, and vomiting sometimes an hour or two after meals, or late at night.

Scanty urine and constipation are frequently the results of gas dilatation. In severe cases the stomach drops down below its normal level, causing permanent stomach prolapsus.

To the trained eye, in severe cases, the stomach may be outlined, especially when it is much distended.

See also menus for Gastritis.

In Cases of Overeating, Superacidity, Fermentation and Gas Dilatation
All acid fruits Bananas, very ripe
All sweets except sweet fruits Green salads
in limited quantities Liberal quantity of fresh
Cane-sugar green vegetables
Condiments Limited quantity of blood-less
Coffee and tea meat, such as fish and white meat
Cream of tender fowl
Fatty foods Limited quantity of coarse cereals
Gravies Limited quantity of eggs and
Pastries milk—sweet and sour
Stimulating and intoxicating Melons
beverages Nuts
Subacid fruits in extreme cases Potatoes
Tobacco Sweet fruits—limited quantity
White bread Wheat bran
 Whole wheat, thoroughly cooked
 Whole wheat bread—sparingly