To flash the hash; to vomit.

x. There is no definition for this word—nobody knows what hash is.

a mess, confusion; “a pretty hash  he made of it;” to hash up , to jumble together without order or regularity. The term also occurs in the phrase “to settle his hash ,” which is equivalent to “give him his gruel,” or “cook his goose,” i.e., to kill him.

R. L. (Rube) Goldberg


All joking aside, my favorite dish is hash.

I have never actually been in the kitchen to see hash pass through the various stages of its epicurean development, but I imagine hash is manufactured something like this:

First the father must eat a big lunch, the mother must fill herself up on cake in the afternoon and the children must have spoiled stomachs. This condition of affairs ruins the evening meal completely and there is plenty of meat left over for hash the next day.

The cook takes the beef or veal or whatever it is and throws it into the electric fan. The flying bits of meat are caught on ping pong rackets by experts and knocked back into a pot that contains a large quantity of mashed potatoes. Then the fire is lighted and the cook can go out to an afternoon movie.

The beauty of hash is that, no matter how it tastes, you think it is all right. There is no standard flavor for hash. Hash is fundamentally accidental, so it has no traditions to live up to.