Have you seen my Sister?

Have you seen my Sister?

Say, my lovely friends, have you any pity
At your finger-ends? then listen to my ditty.
Our Kate has gone away, last Thursday night we miss'd her;
Good people do not smile,—say, Have you seen my sister?

If you have her seen, I hope you will advise her
To return to me, or I must advertise her;
Her waist is very thick, her stays give her a twister,
Now tell me, b'hoys and g'hals, Have you seen my sister?

She squints with both her eyes, in a manner very shocking,
She's got a mouth for pies, and wears no shoes or stockings;
I'm afraid she's gone astray, and some chap did enlist her,
I'm afraid she's gone for good; say, Have you seen my sister?

She wants her two front teeth, you'd see it when she'd titter.
She's got such little feet, Victoria's shoes won't fit her;
She wears no cap at all, but a great big muslin whister,
Now tell me once for all, Have you seen my sister?

Her figure's straight and tall, her conduct's very proper;
She's well provided, for she's eighteen pence in copper.
Now if you have her seen, you never could forget her,
For she's very much like me; now, Have you seen my sister?

Her mouth is very small, her nose is straight and natty,
I tell you once for all, this girl is very pretty
Now I'll sing you another song, and it shall be a twister,
If you will go with me, and help me find my sister.