Ware hawk; the word to look sharp, a bye-word when a bailiff passes. Hawk also signifies a sharper, in opposition to pigeon. See PIGEON. See WARE HAWK.
Hawks  have the upper mandible not toothed, and the wings short, rounded, and concave below. They do not easily soar or glide.

Henhawks  comprise chiefly the rough-legged hawk and the red-shouldered hawk. The first rarely, and the second never, takes chickens; they prey rather on noxious insects, mice, etc. The sharp-shinned hawk, length twelve inches, and Cooper's hawk, eighteen inches, are rufous on breast and dusky above, with dark bars on the tail. These useful buzzards last mentioned should be protected.

Goshawks  (Astur palumbarius ) is found in almost all parts of Europe. It generally inhabits thick woods in the neighborhood of fields and meadows, and builds its nest on the topmost boughs of a lofty tree.