Hawthorne School

Reception Cottage at the Hawthorne School (for Delinquent Boys)

Maintained by the Board of Jewish Guardians at Hawthorne, New York

By  Hastings H. Hart


Reception Cottage

Harry Allan Jacobs Architect

The Receiving Cottage of the Hawthorne School is an admirable example of a dormitory cottage for boys. We present herewith a photograph of the exterior, together with the first-and second-story plans.

The hall on the first floor terminates at one end of the house in the living-room, and at the other end in the dining-room, economizing space. The living-room has windows on three sides, and has an attractive fireplace. The dining-room at the opposite end of the cottage has also windows on three sides. The kitchen is so arranged as to give cross ventilation, both east and west and north and south, in hot weather. The first floor has also a small sewing room, with suitable storage.

On the second floor there are two dormitories, each containing 10 beds. Each dormitory is connected with shower bath, toilet, and locker room, so arranged that the day clothing of the boys is locked up at night. The second floor contains a commodious room for the matron, with bath and a room for a monitor.



The arrangement of the cottage is such that there is not an inch of waste space and its appearance outside and inside is very attractive. The building is thoroughly well constructed, with excellent hardwood floors which are maintained in perfect condition after five years' use.

The Hawthorne School has developed by the process of evolution, which has produced four types of cottages, each new one presenting improvements upon its predecessors. It illustrates the advantage of building institutions by successive steps in order to profit by experience.