A tradesman who has no faith, i.e. will not give credit.
An over-reaching dealer, or hard, sharp fellow; an extortioner: the brokers formerly behind St. Clement's church in the Strand were called Jews by their brethren the taylors.
Jew, Hebrew, Israelite.—A Jew  is a member of the Hebraic division of the Semitic race; in consequence Hebrew  is the linguistic name of the Jews. Historically, under the theocracy, they were known as Hebrews ; under the monarchy, as Israelites ; and during foreign domination, as Jews. The modern representatives of this stock call themselves Hebrews  in race and language, and Israelites  in religion, but Jews  in both senses.

Jew , Hebrew , Israelite : These terms are sometimes incorrectly used as synonyms. Hebrew is the ethnological and linguistic name, Israelite the national name, and Jew the popular name of the people; as, “The Egyptians oppressed the Hebrews ”; “David was the typical king of the Israelites ”; “The Jews revolted under the Maccabees.” The three names have their special application to the people in the premonarchical period (Hebrew ), in the monarchical period (Israelite ), and in the period subsequent to the return from the Babylonian captivity (Jew ).