Jupiter and the Farmer

Illustration 257

Jupiter and the Farmer

Jupiter  had a farm to let,

Mercury advertised it, and people came,

Made offers, listened, all the same,

Made some objection.

One declared the land

Was rough and dry,

And full of sand.

One had this reason, one had that,

Until at last a man appeared,

Who said he'd try to farm it, agreed that

He might have any weather that he chose.

Behold! as soon as he but yawns, it blows

Or rains, or is quite clear.

His neighbors, even the most near,

Are not affected by these changes.

In usual route, their weather ranges;

They have good crops,

But he had none.

At last when tired, he began

Complaining unto Jupiter.

The next year the same thing,

Changes of weather he can bring—

And the neighbors no more

Than the Americans,

Are troubled by the farming

Of his lands.

At last tired out, with all his strife in vain,

He yields his power to the God of rain;

Acknowledging, that all along

The god did right,

And he did wrong.


Let us conclude that Providence

For man ordains much better than we can.

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