Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace .—This is a royal palace, though no longer inhabited by royalty, occupying a pleasant situation west of Hyde Park.  It was built by Lord Chancellor Finch late in the 17th century; and soon afterwards sold to William III.  Additions were made to it from time to time.  Certain portions of the exterior are regarded as fine specimens of brickwork; and the whole, though somewhat heavy in appearance, is not without points of interest.  During the last century Kensington Palace was constantly occupied by members of the royal family.  Many of them were born there, and many died there also.  The present Queen was born in the palace in 1819.  The Prince and Princess of Teck reside there at present.  This, like the other royal palaces, is maintained at the expense of the nation; though not now used as a royal residence, pensioned or favoured families occupy it.