Life belt

 Using Life-Belts.

Those who prefer the Aid of Belts will find it very easy and safe to make belts upon the plan explained in pars 1370 1371 ; and by gradually reducing the floating power of the belts from day to day, they will gain confidence, and speedily acquire the art of swimming. 
 Life Belts

An excellent and cheap life belt, for persons proceeding to sea, bathing in dangerous places, or learning to swim, may be thus made:—Take a yard and three quarters of strong jean, double, and divide it into nine compartments. Let there be a space of two inches after each third compartment. Fill the compartments with very fine cuttings of cork, which may be made by cutting up old corks, or (still better) purchased at the corkcutter's. Work eyelet holes at the bottom of each compartment, to let the water drain out. Attach a neck-band and waist-strings of stout boot-web, and sew them on strongly.