London International Exhibition

London International Exhibition .—Not far beyond Prince's Gate, Hyde Park, is the London International Exhibition of 1873, which opened on the 1st May, and will continue open till the 30th September of this year.  The ground plan and the view of the building which we give will save unnecessary expenditure of our space, which is obviously limited. Ground PlanAmong the many objects of interest are shewn selected specimens as follows:—Pictures, Oil and Water Colour; Sculpture; Decorative Furniture, Plate, Designs, Mosaics, &c.; Stained Glass; Architecture and Models; Engravings; Lithography; Photography as a Fine Art; Porcelain; Earthenware of all kinds; Terra-Cotta and Stoneware; Machinery used for Pottery of all kinds; Woollen Manufactures; Carpets; Worsted Manufactures; Machinery, in motion, used in Woollen and Worsted Manufactures; Live Alpacas, remarkable for their hair and wool, and other animals; Educational Works and Appliances; Scientific Inventions and Discoveries; Horticulture.  In the Royal Albert Hall musical art is represented daily.

London International Exhibition, 1873