London Parcels Delivery Company

The London Parcels Delivery Company

This Company—whose chief office is in Roll's Buildings, Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, and whose minor receiving houses, at shops, &c., are very numerous—delivers parcels at a tariff of 4d. if under 4 lbs. weight, and within three miles distance; under 14 lbs. within a like range, 6d.; and so on up to a cwt., which will be delivered for 1s. 2d., subject to the aforesaid condition.  Over three miles distance, the charge for delivering a parcel under 1 lb. to any part of London and its environs will be 4d., under 7 lbs., 6d., and so forth.  For a parcel under 112 lbs., if carried beyond three miles, sender will be charged 1s. 6d.  To more distant places, minimum charge is 6d.  Light but bulky packages charged for by measurement.  The Company does not undertake to collect  parcels from the houses of the senders.